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WaterTribe Classes:
Class 1 - Expedition Kayaks and Canoes
Class 2 - Racing Kayaks, Canoes, Rowing Shells
Class 3 - Sailing Kayaks and Canoes
Class 4 - Small Sailboats - monohulls
Class 5 - Small Sailboats - cats, tris
Class 6 - Exhibition Class for Small Boats with electric auxilary
Class 6OC - Exhibition Class for Hawaiian Outrigger Canoes
Class M - UF Only. Switching to another class for Stage 4
Size Filter - All boats must launch from above the
high water mark without outside assistance.
From Moose Lake in the BWCA to Grand Portage along the Minnesota/Canada Border.

This Challenge is over and in the history books.



Birch Lake CMP1281

Gunflint Lake CMP2065

Grand Portage Trailhead

Lake Superior

thehammer and HandyHammer
aka Ricky Hammer and Zachary Hammer
Class 2, Double Male2 Days, 12 Hours, 47 MinDNFDNFDNF