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Basic 14 Ama

14 feet long. 9.5 inch diameter, one or two air chambers, over 350 pounds of bouyancy, very tough fabric.

This design is intended to give the maximum flotation in a relatively short length and fits most existing BOSS type setups. You will need to add a second set of akas.
SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the very high flotation of these amas both sets of akas need to use the new BOSS EXTREME akas. The standard BOSS akas are not strong enough.

The standard mounting D-rings are located at 36 inches from the rear and 113 inches from the rear. The center to center distance is 77 inches. This mounting location biases the amas to the front so that maximum flotation is at the front of your boat. This is what you need for strong sailing and surfing.

This mounting setup fits the Kruger Dreamcatchers and Sea Winds. If your boat needs different mounting points, custom locations are possible for a small fee.

Yes, these amas seem expensive at first glance. But if you want to sail in big water the standard BOSS amas can get overwhelmed. In the photos below you can see a comparison that shows the BOSS ama with a TRC Ama. You would need well over 6 BOSS amas to equal the flotation of one TRC Basic 14 ama. If you look at the pounds of flotation per dollar of cost, the TRC amas are cheap. Also, each ama can have two air chambers which adds a valuable element of security.

These amas are only available in High Visibility Yellow.

Amas are not in stock. We build to order so allow 8 weeks before your amas will ship. If the delivery time will be longer than that, you will be notified.

Product Images - click for a larger view.


Price Per Ama:

Shipping: $32 for first ama plus $12 each additional ama.

Custom Mounting Per Ama:

Allow 8 Weeks Before Shipping.