Select a WaterTribe Name

All members of the WaterTribe are known by their tribal names or "NickNames." The sooner you join the tribe, the more likely it is that you will get the name you want. You must have a tribal name in order to receive WaterTribe notices by email or register for any WaterTribe Challenge. You can change your contact information at any time and all information is kept strictly confidential. Your contact information will not be given or sold to anyone.

If you already have a WaterTribe name and just want to change it or something else is not working for you, PLEASE don't just register a new name. Instead contact and get help.

Tribal Name:
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Rules for Tribal Names
  1. Must use alphanumeric characters
  2. No spaces
  3. No punctuation
  4. No special characters
  5. From 4 to 22 characters (shorter is better)
  6. Use upper and lower case for readability
  7. Must be unique
  8. Examples - Chief, SteveIsaac, GoodToGo, HeTripsOverHisPaddle, BigDog
  9. Case insensitive - BigDog, bigdog, and BIGDOG are the same, but one looks better when printed on the back of your race t-shirt.
Rules for Passwords
  1. Must use alphanumeric characters
  2. OK to use upper and lower case
  3. No spaces
  4. No punctuation
  5. No special characters
  6. From 8 to 20 characters
  7. DO NOT USE a password that you also use for secure activities like banking